Friday, October 21, 2016

Welcome SUMMER

I picked the kids up from the last day of school and surprised them with the van decked out for summer...Welcome to SUMMER!

Summer means trips to the Splash Pad, Swim Lessons and VBS!


The Sanctuary

My Second Grade Classroom

At our VBS each year we collect money for different missions, this year it went to Texas Baptist Men Disaster Relief.  It is a contest between the boys and the girls.  Michael was so excited and the moment he came home after the first day he rounded up his piggy bank that was FULL and was thrilled to dump it in the boy's bucket the next morning.  Well, at dinner that night he was explaining his plan to Daddy.  Adam tried to talk him into giving some and saving some.  Michael wouldn't hear of it. He was frustrated and said, "But Dad, I'm being a cheerful giver!"
 Preach it Michael!! 

 I made a VBS Submerged dinner...oyster shells, pearls and octopus!

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