Monday, April 14, 2014

Michael's Surgery

Our sweet boy, bless his heart, has been on too much medication since before he turned 1.  He has been on  numerous rounds of breathing treatments, antibiotics, steroids, nose sprays, etc....  His asthma/allergy specialist as well as his pediatrician thought it was time to see an ENT.  All three doctors were in agreement that Michael needed an intervention, adenoid removal.  So, off to Texas Children's Hospital we went for surgery.  And sure enough, Michael's adenoids were just as the doctors suspected, coated in bacteria as well as his sinuses.  The doctor washed his sinuses out as well.  Michael will be on a medicine regimen for 30 days and we are so hopeful that Michael's sick days are over!  By the way, we were very impressed with TCH!

Playtime in the waiting area after we were checked in.  How awesome is the giant Connect 4?!?!

Wonderful Wonderful Child Life Specialist Lauren helped SO MUCH with the whole process.  Michael is picking out his flavor of choice for the "sleepy medicine."  He chose strawberry.

 Riding in style to the OR! He was such a brave boy.  So proud of him.
Adam and I went to the family room to wait.  TCH treats the parents right...ah, Starbucks!
 In less than 30 minutes Michael was in recovery.  Took a good hour for him to really wake up.  He was calm and peaceful.  Very thankful.  He only got upset for a minute when his IV was removed.  
Happy to be going home.  He wanted to go pick up his Sissy, sweet brother.
Little miss Ella was well taken care of at the Baker's house, where she also became a patient. ;)

Lyla said, "I love Ella, look I'm hugging her."  It was such a blessing to know Ella was in great hands and well loved so we could focus on our little guy.  I was concerned about having to wake Ella up early this morning, but God is good ~ Ella woke up at EXACTLY the moment I needed her to, happy and all!  :) She didn't even cry when we dropped her off.  The entire morning went so smoothly, thank you Lord!
And he's out again...watching "Frozen" with Daddy.

Sunday, April 13, 2014


I just love Palm Sunday at our church.  The children sing "Hosanna" and wave palm leaves.  After church we have an Easter Egg hunt.  Michael and Ella both did a fantastic job on stage.  Ella did not cry, scream or run!  She just sat on the step, held her palm leaf and looked at everybody, whew!  Michael stood in his place, waved his palm leaf and smiled. I love my babies and I'm a proud Mommy!!

 Michael and his sweet friend Lyla.

 Ella's first time to actually hunt for eggs...she was not too into it.  She found her first egg and opened it.  She then walked around with the lollipop that was inside the egg...she considered herself done.  All she wanted was her green lollipop! :)  Her brother took care of her though and found her some eggs. Sweet brother looking out for his Sissy.  

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring Cuteness

After church on Sunday...they did not want to stop for a picture, but I just had to!

 Ella Grace is a hoot with her bonnet and purse.  She walks around every day with them and sometimes puts treasures in her purse. Too cute!

Static Electricity

This sweet thing's theme is "Anything You Can Do, I Can Do TOO!"  She wants to do everything that Michael does, so she has decided that she can climb the ladder and slide too.  Ella Grace is keeping us on our toes!


 These bluebonnets are on mom and dad's property in Huntsville.