Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Strawberry Picking

We had a fun morning picking strawberries at Froberg's Farm with Ms. Mandi and Zachary. Well, maybe not as much picking as eating! We decided Michael is a strawberry eater not a strawberry picker. He was just too fast for me. He would pick a strawberry, take a big bite, say "Mmmm," and then put the strawberry in the bucket!  I guess I can't blame him. They look and smell delicious!

 We ended with a fun picnic in Ms. Mandi's front yard under her beautiful shade tree.  Fun day! Now off to plan what to do with our strawberries...

Thursday, March 7, 2013

My Lil' Cowboy

Ready for Cowboy Day at School!

The vest and chaps are very special.  They were bought by my mom and given to my nephew, Jordan, not too long before Mom passed away.  My sister-in-law, Angela, saved them and gave them to Michael.  What a treasure!
We had a fun Rodeo Day with the Lindsey's!

Ride'em Cowboy! Giddy Up!
Had to do some farming...
A little gardening
Some tractor work...very important

Cow milking
Checking on the animals
After all that work, had to play on the rides!


Ella Grace at 4 Months

There's the sweet smile that melts our hearts every day!

 "Hey, what are you doing over there?"

"I'm gonna get you owl!"

4 Months, how can that be? Time is going by way too fast for this Mommy. We thank God everyday for this sweet baby girl He so graciously gave us.  Couldn't be more in love!  Ella is doing so many new things (pics to follow) and is at such a fun age.  She is now sleeping in her room like a big girl. Ella is our little chatter box smiling and talking all the time.  She adores watching her big brother and loves the attention he gives her.  She is very strong. When she is playing on her back she will lift up her head and legs...doing her baby tummy crunches!  She caught her brother's tummy bug and was puny for a week but got back on track and is making up for those lost calories and finishing almost every bottle! Because she was sick, her schedule was thrown off and isn't sleeping through the night now, but we are all hopeful she'll get back into her routine SOON!

She is now big enough for the Exersaucer and enjoys her time with the froggie. 

She can reach up, grab her toys on her car seat and pull the flower to turn on the lights and music.

Looks who's trying to hold her bottle!!

She is turning on her side like a champ and won't be long until she is rolling over completely.  She likes her baby gym and is very drawn to the purple elephant.  She can grab it and hold on. Sometimes she just pushes it around.  She will also move around in a circle...I will put her down and the next time I look she is facing the other direction!  She also plays with the play gym animals with her feet.

One of Mommy's favorite outfits.

She likes sitting in her Bumbo and chewing on Sophie the Giraffe.
 (Yep, still has wild hair!)