Saturday, October 22, 2016

Adventures in Kansas

Our last adventure of the summer included me and the kids taking off on a huge road trip to Kansas for a beloved Harstine Wedding!  Within a six month window all three Harstine boys (Matt, Nate and Ben) became engaged and married!  We were unable to attend Nate's wedding and knew we couldn't make Matt's in October so off to Kansas we went for Ben's wedding in August. I just had to make at least one of my boy's weddings.  I call them my boys.  We became a part of each other's lives my freshman year at Baylor.  The Harstines were in Waco for Stan to get his PhD at Baylor. I would babysit in exchange for doing my laundry at their home.  Not to mention Deb's awesome suppers! We quickly became family....for 24 years now!  Ben was still in a crib and diapers when I came on the scene.  In my heart the boys are still little boys...but they are now big strong men. 

Matt (oldest)  Ben (youngest)  Nate (middle)

Deb and Stan the Man

The guys with their lovely wives.
 Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Harstine

I love her so!

We saw A LOT of this along the way through Oklahoma and Kansas.  

So very thankful for the time with The Harstine Family in Kansas.  Next time we're bringing Adam with us!  I'll never forget the adventure to get to Ben's wedding.  We were just a few miles from Deb and Stan's house in Towanda, KS where we were going to spend the night.  We would journey to Manhattan, KS the next day.  All of a sudden the van would hardly accelerate and kept shaking.  We barely stumbled into Towanda and I kept praying out loud, "Just get us to the house Jesus, please Jesus get us to the house."  The kids witnessed a powerful answer to prayer immediately!  I did not want to be on the side of the road in the hot heat without Adam with two kids.  God answered my prayer.  We literally made it to Deb and Stan's drive way on a prayer.  God is so good! The transmission was a goner.  We had to have the van towed but lucky for us Stan's car was in the garage and we drove it to Manhattan. We rented a car to drive back to Texas. 

On the way home we just happened (wink wink) to go by The Pioneer Woman's Ranch!  It took a lot of restraint for me not to pull in.  I am a huge Ree Drummond fan.

You can see their ranch home in the distance.

We stopped in Oklahoma for some Nan lovin!

The kids and I made it to Texas before our van did, but it eventually made it home too.

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