Friday, December 30, 2011

The Christmas Tree

The first morning Michael saw the tree (up, but not decorated)...he took his morning smoothie and sat down in front of the tree drinking his smoothie and staring in awe.

Michael would frequently bring a book to read or a toy to play with in front of the tree.

Michael thought our tree needed one more decoration.

I was very proud of Michael. He never attempted to harmfully touch the tree or ornaments...such a good boy!

Merry Christmas

Santa came!

A surprise from Santa for Mommy!

December Outings

Watching the Friendswood Christmas Light Parade

The Christmas Train

Waiting to board the train...wearing his "Choo Choo" shirt

We made a fun day trip to Galveston: Lunch at The Rainforest Cafe, tour of The Aquarium at Moody Gardens (specifically to see penguins and sharks) and ended our fun afternoon at a favorite spot on The old fashioned soda fountain/candy shop!

Michael enjoyed the animated gorillas and elephants at The Rainforest Cafe, but only from a distance...he didn't like being close to them. During the "thunderstorm" he kept saying, "wow." He seemed to like watching the fish in their tanks the best. By the way, he says, "fsh" for fish!

Adam and I were so excited to take Michael to Moody Gardens. We just knew he would love watching the penguins and sharks. Nope, he could have cared less. He wanted to people watch! We could have gone to the mall to do that. Oh well. I know he'll enjoy it when he is a bit older. I on the other hand, could spend all day watching those cute little penguins! :)

If we could ask Michael what his favorite part of this fun day was, I am pretty sure it would be this one...using his newly acquired skill of sucking on a straw to drink Daddy's vanilla malt! :)

December - Michael at 15 months

Michael Addison Richards at 15 months...WALKING and RUNNING!!
Weight: 26 lb 11.5 oz
Height: 33.25 inches
Can sign "more," "all done," and "please"
Body parts named: nose
Body parts identified: nose, mouth, head/hair, belly button
Has a vocabulary of 20+ words!!(of course some of those words only mommy and daddy know what he is saying)
Favorite book: Brown Bear Brown Bear
LOVES Sesame Street...especially Elmo and Big Bird
Now has too many teeth to count...lots in the back
New Task: Drinking out of a straw
Favorite Activity: Sneaking granola bars out of the pantry; carrying them around and hiding them all over the house. We think he sees them as his "treasures."
Favorite game: CHASE

Apparently, I ask Michael where things are alot and stick my hands out when I do. Everytime I say, "Where is _______?" Michael does this:

Michael enjoys playing in his ball pit. He "dives" in and out.

Michael loves to put things on his head (blanket, scarf, kitchen towel) and walk around and giggle. This occurs numerous times a day!

Michael is now beginning to master the art of climbing...onto chairs, sofas, ottomans, steps. He is so proud of himself. This was first discovered while Mommy was out shopping and Daddy looked up and saw Michael on top of the ottoman jumping!

It can be confusing having one parent that is a Longhorn and the other a Baylor Bear...

And then there are some less confusing the day Baylor beat Washington at the Alamo Bowl in the most amazing football game EVER!

Michael loves to go on family bike rides.

He rides in style...

Michael was not a fan of Santa Claus up close and personal this year. We went to visit Santa twice and then Santa came to visit us at our Sunday School Christmas party. Michael screamed when we put him in Santa's lap. On our third attempt, Michael saw him across the room and as I walked closer he held me tight and said, "No, No, No!" Therefore, we have no picture with Michael and Santa this year, and that is OK! I love that Santa came to our Christmas party and read to the children from the Bible, the story of what Christmas is all about...JESUS, not Santa! Way to go Santa!

Listening to Santa tell the Christmas story...from a safe distance in the comfort of Daddy's lap!

I made a few Color Discovery Bottles to help with learning colors. Fun!

Thanksgiving 2011

I am very behind in my blogging! Michael and the holiday season have kept this Mommy busy!

We spent Thanksgiving at Grand-Daddy and NaNaw's with the whole gang. The Lindsey family and Ms. Janell joined us too, making T-Day extra special this year to be with friends and family. I am kicking myself for not taking more pictures and I have to credit my super sis-n-law for the pics I do have. My mama (always with a camera in her hand) would be ashamed!

Kissing Cousins! Michael and Olivia spent the whole weekend playing, chasing and kissing! Fun cousin bonding time!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Baylor Homecoming

We had such a fun Saturday at Baylor University. I have been attending Baylor Homecoming since I was a little girl. Green and gold just flows through my blood. This is hard for my Texas Longhorn to the core husband to understand. I finally was able to drag him to BU Homecoming for only the second time since we met. He was a trooper and even wore a green shirt, but he said that was as close as he could get. As we arrived on campus my heart began to swell, full of happiness. When I am there I feel like I am "home", sounds silly, but true. Now that we have a child (and hopefully more to come), attending BU Homecoming will have to become a regular occurrence, that I hope Adam will eventually embrace. As an alumni, there's nothing like going back to BU with your lil' bear in tow. I enjoyed showing off my baby to friends and even family members that had not met him yet.

My lil' bear, ready for the parade.

Watching the parade on Daddy's shoulders.

Michael watching the bears at the bear pit. He got a kick out of watching them and they were very active. Michael gave them his best "ROAR!" Too cute, wish I had it on video.

Baylor Friends!

Tasha and I with our kiddos.