Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Christmas Eve

We attended the Kid-friendly Christmas Eve service at church then drove around looking at Christmas Lights (Ella's FAVORITE).  Next it was home for dinner, Christmas jammies, putting out reindeer food, notes to Santa, milk and cookies and "Twas the Night Before Christmas."  
The 4 year old was SO EXCITED!!!!!!!

Michael sitting on stage listening to the Christmas Story.  Ella wanted to stay with Mommy, a bit too scary on stage for her.

Singing Jingle Bells/Ring Those Bells

Reading of "Twas the Night Before Christmas"

Writing one last note for Santa

Milk and Cookies

Nite Nite!
 (Favorite Christmas Picture!!)

This little cutie has become quite the camera ham.  After I took their jammy picture she kept running back to the fireplace, smiled and said "Cheese!"

Friday, January 16, 2015

Bailey Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas celebration time in Austin.  Lots of cousin bonding, board game playing, good food eating, present opening, playing, walking, talking FUN!

This serious game of RISK started in the afternoon...and as you can see went way into the night!  Adam was the world conqueror, he was quite happy!

 Ella was all about SUGAR...sweetest dog ever!  

 Prepping for the Gingerbread Christmas Tree with two of my beautiful nieces.

 Merry Christmas Cousin LOVE!


This Christmas we did a lot of Gingerbread decorating!  Surprisingly, Ella Grace was not that into it, but I bet next year she will be.  This year she kinda just turned her nose up to the idea, except that she wanted to eat the candy!  HA! HA!  She especially likes chocolate!  Michael on the other hand was very into it and he did most of the decorating by himself!  

Gingerbread House

 Gingerbread Train (Daddy and Michael project)

Gingerbread Man Cookies

Santa's Wonderland

We had the joy of going to Santa's Wonderland in College Station with one of our favorite families, The Heatons...Jenn, Jonny and Jack!  Michael and Jack are big buddies.  

Trying to wait patiently to go inside.

Prancer was resting up for the big flight.

Jenn and Jack showing Michael that Santa was inside...peeking through the window.

LOVE how their picture with Santa turned out!!

On the hayride through the lights.

 Jack and Michael rode the train all by themselves!

Sisters at heart!

Pony ride