Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Special Evening

We were very honored to be asked to share Michael's story of how God guided us to him during our church's Christmas musical. On Friday, December 10 Grand-Daddy and NaNaw were able to attend and get in some Michael loving. We shared our story again on Sunday evening, December 12. We are all laughing in this picture b/c if you look closely Michael had just spit-up all over Grand-Daddy's shirt. Grand-Daddy didn't mind at all! :)

We do have this on video, I just haven't figured out how to transfer it to my computer and then to my blog. Too busy playing with my little sugar bear! :)

3 Months of FUN!

Michael turned 3 months old on December 9!

Michael practices "Hook'em Horns" during church!

Now big enough for the Bumbo!

L-O-V-E this face!

First walk in the park.

Daddy's Birthday

We celebrated Adam's birthday on December 1. Michael was the best gift of all!