Saturday, October 22, 2016

Happy 6th Birthday MICHAEL

Michael's birthday fell on a Friday this year making it a FUN FRIDAY for sure!

Birthday Pancake Breakfast

Off to school as a 6 year old!

Mommy and Ella brought Whataburger for lunch to eat with Michael at school!

Michael came home to 6 confetti filled balloons, each with a number.  6 adventures or activities for the 6 year old!  Each balloon contained a clue...At the designated time he would get to pop each balloon (going in order #1-6) to see what the gift or activity would be!

Balloon #1...A trip to Rise Cupcakes to pick out his own cupcakes!

Balloon #2...A trip to the Lego Store with $ to spend!

 Decisions Decisions

Balloon #3....A trip to MAIN EVENT!

Family bowling, glow golf, arcade games and pizza...right up my boy's alley!

 Michael had to wait until Saturday morning to pop the next balloons, oh the anticipation!

Balloon #4...BIRTHDAY DONUTS!!

"Hmmm, which one do I want?"  He went with M!

Balloon #5...OPEN PRESENTS!!! 
(And Grandma joined us!)

This year's birthday book

Balloon #6...Dinner at The Melting Pot in Houston! 
Well, that was the plan, but a big storm came so we decided to stick closer to home.  
We went to Ichibon instead and it was a HUGE HIT with the birthday boy!

 (Ella is pretending to cook too)

This smile says it all!  We love you so so much Michael!!

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