Saturday, September 12, 2015

Mother's Day and Father's Day

Gifts from my loves on Mother's Day.  But...

 ...these two right here are my GREATEST GIFTS from God.  Such an honor that I get to be their Mom!  My heart overflows!

 I absolutely adore what Michael brought to me for Mother's Day from CDO.  

We celebrated Adam on the Saturday before Father's Day.  We knew Sunday would be busy with VBS prep.  We started with Donuts for Dad then told him we had a few secret stops to make.  I gave him the box for each stop when we arrived at the surprise location.  

 Surprise stop #1: Lifeway...with a gift card in the box for a new Bible of his choosing.

Surprise Stop #2: Foot Massage...we dropped him off and then picked him up after an hour long massage ~ he was jello!

Then  home for homemade presents and cards.

We ended the day with dinner at his fave, but turns out it will no longer be his favorite!  Oh well! ;)

So thankful for the Daddy Adam is to Michael and Ella Grace.  We are blessed!

Dallas Getaway

In May we had a fabulous week long get-away in Dallas. 
First stop was a sleepover at The Salzman's with swimming and smores!

Next stop: Medieval Times!

 We were cheering for the Blue Knight and Ella was just tickled to receive a flower from him!

Medieval Times far exceeded my expectations.  A great time was had by all four of us!

And then finally....GREAT WOLF LODGE!!!!

We had our first taste of an IN-N-OUT was a hit! 
 I especially like that they have a "lettuce bun" option.