Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Noah's Ark Pool

There is a fabulous toddler mini water park super close to Adam's office.  It is located at The Quillian Center, part of the Sports and Recreation Ministry of First Methodist Houston. It is Noah's Ark themed and so much fun.  Ms. Janell and Landon came to visit and we went for the first time.  Guaranteed we'll be back! 


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ella Grace at 9 Months

9 month check up/stats:
Weight 20.14 lbs.
Height 29.5 in.
Head circumference 45.5 cm.
6 teeth and more on the way!
 Praise God for a happy and healthy baby girl!!
Her pediatrician said Ella is off the charts for height!

Ella has had lots of firsts over this past month:
Now riding in the shopping cart instead of in her infant carrier while shopping.
She moved out of the Bumbo in the high chair.  She is also drinking water from a sippy cup at meal time.
 I was doing dishes in the kitchen when Adam called out, "She's crawling, come quick!"  These photos were captured during her first crawl!
Adam has now moved her mattress to the lowest level...she loves to stand up like a big girl.
Ella has been a busy girl in the kitchen.

Her favorite place to crawl to is Michael's room...she loves playing in his room.  We have now moved the little red piano to the living room.  Playing the piano is one of her favorite activities.
Another favorite...the Laugh & Learn Puppy.
Adam bought his girl a pink swimming pool.  Almost too much cuteness to handle in her polk-a-dot swim suit!

Michael has fun playing with her in the pool.  She intently watches everything he does.


Palm Beach and Dino's Alive

Now that everyone has been healthy and well in our house we planned a fun trip to Moody Garden's Palm Beach and Dino's Alive exhibit.  We started our Saturday morning with a yummy breakfast. Then on to Palm Beach for water and sand fun.  Adam and I took turns floating in the Lazy River with Michael while the other strolled with Ella.  Michael's favorite, which I didn't get a picture, was the Aquarium playground at Palm Beach that had two water slides that plopped you off on a splash pad.  He did it over and over again...only problem is he walked through every one's legs in line to cut to the front...oh the lessons we have to teach! 
Ella Grace was a trooper and just took it all in.  We packed her swimsuit, cover up, sunglasses, towel, etc... but she was asleep when we arrived, then it was time for her to eat.  Next it was time to move on to Dino's Alive.  Next summer you will play in the water and sand baby girl!

Digging for Dinosaur Bones!

 A very tired boy worn out from a day of fun.

Michael, Ella Grace and I went back to Moody Gardens the next week for a quick visit with Aunt Angela, Elizabeth, Sophie and Olivia.  Elizabeth was at an NCA cheer camp.  We only got to see her for a quick hug, but enjoyed lunch with Aunt Angela, Sophie and Olivia.  Michael and Olivia hit it off again. :)

Michael Update

Mommy was attacked in the kitchen by a PIRATE!

 He is so proud of his new skill!

 Lately it has become difficult to get Michael to eat.  Hoping this is just a passing toddler phase.  So I have tried to get creative with his food to make it appealing...
 Believe it or not, he LOVES broccoli!  I am so thrilled.  He will eat two or three servings of "Green Trees."
Michael has really been into building with blocks and lego's lately and his imagination has taken off!  This is a "castle" that he built by himself and he was so proud he wanted me to take a picture of it and email it to Daddy at work.
 Michael is still into robots.  He turned a colander into a robot head.
Michael is crazy about his buddy Zachary's baby sister, Baby Lydia.  He says her name so sweetly, "Baby Wydia."  He adores her, although she isn't always in the mood for his affection. ;) 
 That's a girl for you son, better get used to it!

Max and his Mommy came over for a play date.  After they had been here about 10 minutes, Sara's water broke and off to the hospital she went to deliver Max's baby brother!  Max spent the day with us and lots of fun was had.  Max will be in Michael's class at CDO this year.

Michael went to his first movie theater movie. I think he liked the popcorn and skittles more than the movie...that was quite the rare treat for him!