Saturday, April 11, 2015

All things Ella Grace

Miss Ella Grace is a busy girl these days.  Full of life, love, giggles, screams and on the move! She loves hugs, snuggles, music, bubbles, art, outside, friends and to be on the go, go, go!  Blesses me to hear her randomly sing at the top of her lungs, "Jesus Loooovvves Me!"

 Super Ella makes an appearance frequently!  She has to keep up with Super Michael!

  I couldn't find Ella one afternoon, she was being very quiet so I knew I was most likely going to find something sneaky.  Sure enough, she got into my mascara!

Ella Grace is our little Houdini that LOVES to be naked.  We tried everything, including duct tape and she escaped it all!  Whether zipper pajamas, night gown, two piece pajamas, one diaper or two, duct tape or no duct tape...this girl would get it ALL OFF and I would end up changing a wet bed every night.  She's fast! Out of desperation I cut off the feet of footie pajamas and put them on her like a charm!  She was very frustrated the first night but knows the drill now.  

 Our baby girl is growing up.  Adam converted her crib (in March) to a toddler bed. We put this off as long as possible.  She was attempting to climb out via the tall end.  So we knew it was time before an injury occurred.  She loves it and squealed with delight when she saw it.  I thought we would have a difficult time with training her to stay in the bed, but she has been so awesome.  Sweet little thing will get up to get a book or stuffed animal and then get right back in bed and lay down when she's sleepy and stay there 'til morning when someone comes in to get her.  Love my girl!  

 No longer the passenger...Ella has moved into the driver's seat.  Michael looks a little afraid!  

Her new favorite..."Dolly."  She tucks Dolly into her bed with her each night, so cute!  

What a sweet Daddy he is to his little girl!

Turning 2 years old (in November) meant that Ella Grace now needed her 2 year well check with her Pediatrician and her first dental visit.  In the past, every time we go to the pediatrician I have kept Ella in her stroller, which she does not like, but Momma is just trying to keep germs off of her hands.  I thought since she was now 2 she should at least get a break this time to see the fishies (as she calls them) up close and personal.  She was so excited!!

Ella Grace's 2 year Stats: Happy and Healthy!
height: 33.25 inches
weight: 27 pounds

Ella did a fabulous job at her first dental appointment!  So proud of my big girl.  Best part: Her teeth look great! Thankful that she likes to brush her teeth.

All things Michael

Michael is growing and maturing but still my baby boy.  He is tender hearted and ALL BOY at the same time.  He tells me all the time that he loves his family, Jesus and God.  I think my heart just may explode.  He has been making up his own songs and singing them about how he loves Jesus and Jesus loves him, Heaven and God.  I am blown away by this child.  He will even go to the piano and sing these songs.  So honored to be his mom.  Love him more than he will ever know.
He has been learning to pump his legs to swing himself and last week while swinging he said, "Look Mom, I'm doing it!  God is helping me!" I pray he always knows his help comes from the Lord. 

Here is one of Michael's songs  - "Jesus is Alive" by Michael Richards, age 4.5
Where is Heaven
God is in Heaven
God is Love and He died on the Cross
For our sins
He died on the Cross

My current favorite Michael quote: "Mom, I bet God has a remote control for the moon."

From time to time there is some serious Super Hero capturing going on. It is a good thing I buy tape in bulk at Sam's!
 This was his bad guy, "I captured the Super Heroes," face!

One day, early in the afternoon, Michael set out games on the table.  He was pretty insistent on a Family Game Night. :)

Michael gave Mommy a Make-Over.  YIKES!  He was quite proud of himself.

He is super fast on his Spider-Man Scooter, stunts and all! Watch out!

Hip Hip Hooray for No CAVITIES!  Michael rocked his last dental visit with first time X-Rays.


Our first team sport...we are currently soccer parents! Michael is so excited to be playing soccer.  I told Adam, "Here we go...for at least the next 15ish years!"   It will be interesting to see which sport Michael settles on.  He is interested in many of them right now (basketball, baseball, soccer, football), with plenty of time to try them all out, one at a time. Michael is playing with Upwards which also offers flag football in the fall and basketball in the stay tuned!

First Practice 

 Team Prayer Time 
(I admit I was eavesdropping.  Michael asked his coach if they could pray for his friend Jack because he broke his arm.  My heart melted a little.)

Cheering Michael on at his first game!

  Proud little sister yells, "Go Michael!"

  Michael's team is The Eagles.  He is #3.  Go Eagles!



Oh I just love how Michael, at 4.5 years, is so into the Easter Story and beginning to understand it all.  I have so much fun going through our Resurrection Eggs with him and I love to hear him tell the Easter story with the Resurrection Eggs.  I so look forward to the years ahead and digging deeper into The Word with  him.  I pray he will always love God's Word and have a heart for Him.  

Tried out a Pinterest project: Bird Nests.  Ella thought they were so pretty but that did not stop her from eating them and getting chocolate all over her...she loved it! ;)

Bunny Pancake Breakfast

Easter Egg Dying...I was paying attention to the set up and didn't realize I needed some re-takes of my babes.  Oops!

Ella thought this was just the best project ever!  She loves colors!

Michael and Ella did great for at least half of the service.  Adam eventually had to take Ella Grace outside since she currently only has a volume setting of LOUD,  but Michael did fantastic the whole time.   He worshiped through songs and paid attention to the scriptures read and message shared.   Proud of my little man.


 My little sleepyheads digging into their Easter Baskets...they perked up after they ate a chocolate bunny!

My beautiful girl ready for church.  This was Ella's first Easter Sunday to go to church...her first two Easter Sundays she was sick.  The angle this picture was taken from makes her dress look down to her ankles; it is long, but not that long.  Very thankful she was well and able to go, but sad that Michael was in the midst of a horrific asthma flare up. :(  That did not stop our celebration of our Risen King!