Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

My Mother's Day weekend started out with a pedicure on Friday afternoon then came home to these!

 On Saturday we celebrated Mother's Day with Grandma.  We picked her up and took her out to lunch, shared delicious cupcakes baked by my dear friend Mandi and had play time.
 Michael was not happy about stopping to take a picture, he just wanted a cupcake! 

 My Mother's Day morning couldn't have started any sweeter.  Michael woke me up with a kiss and said, "Happy Mother's Day Mommy."  That was repeated about 20 times today, right up until he went to bed.  I just don't know how I got so lucky, thank you Jesus for my precious babies!  We went to church and then out to lunch at Perry's where Adam had thought ahead and made reservations.  Go Adam!

Then home where my sweet family continued to spoil me with presents!

Blessed beyond measure to be Mommy to these two.  Thank you God for this gift of motherhood!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart to two very brave birth mothers that made the choice to give her baby life through adoption.  Missing my Momma today so much.  I am very grateful for the special moms God has placed in my life that are always there when I need a "mom."  Love you know who you are!

We Went to the Zoo Zoo Zoo

So glad we were able to fit in a zoo trip before it becomes blazing hot down here in Houston.  It turned out to be a perfect day for the zoo!  Michael insisted on bringing his binoculars to the zoo so that he could, "find the animals."  Well, I couldn't argue with that, good idea son!

 The elephants are always a favorite.
 The chimpanzees were up close and personal.
Michael using his binoculars to check out the giraffes.

 We met up with Jenn and Jack for a while.  I just love how these boys love each other. Melts my heart!

The meercats were very interested in us and all came over to greet us.

Ella's favorite part of the day was the gift shop, she's a girl after my own heart! :)

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mommy's on LAKE Time

Last weekend I learned all about LAKE time and realized that I am a huge fan of LAKE time! In honor of Laura's 40th birthday, I was blessed with my first ever (since becoming a Mommy) girlfriend weekend getaway at the Cole's Lake House. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  LAKE time: go to bed late, get up late, eat breakfast late, eat lunch late, eat dinner late...repeat! And to that I will make up or frills, just relax.  Yes, please! We (5 of us) all arrived Friday evening and stayed through Sunday afternoon.  Saturday night was "party" night.  Many new wonderful memories were made that I will cherish. So thankful for my Laura Lee, just could not do life without her...forever sisters at heart!


One of the gals was a brand new Mommy to baby Joshua.  Laura and I got our baby fix.

 Outside, Lakeside Party

Inside, Black & White themed party

 Happy 40 Dear Laura!!

The longer the night, the sillier the selfies...

Farewell Lake House, oh how I hope to see you again one day! 
Big thanks to Adam for holding down the fort so that I could get away and just be "one of the girls" for a couple days. 

Boredom Busters

Signs these two are feeling better...

A blanket picnic with food Michael prepared from his kitchen. Cute!

 And this one just speaks for itself!

 Not only did Michael have a long lasting sinus infection that continued post surgery, he also had a yucky allergic reaction to the antibiotic.  This rash was ALL over his body.  He had to take Benadryl every 4-6 hours around the clock for 3 days.  Not only the above, but we also received some immunity testing on Michael that was questionable, so until we learned more about his situation we were pretty much home bound, for about 3 weeks, including Easter week.

But who says being home bound has to be at "home."  This Mommy was going stir crazy too!  We took a walk to our favorite spot, Sno Beach!
 This view sometimes just takes my breath away.  Thank you Lord for the gift of these two. Blessed.


Michael's snow cone of choice: RAINBOW!
Michael decided he needed to bring along his bulldozer...good idea, couldn't argue!

 Washing the car with Daddy

Sweet Mandi brought us an AWESOME bag of Boredom just the right time too!

 The Baby Pizzas were a huge hit, like 3 times! Yet, I still didn't get a picture of the making or eating process. Boo. :(