Thursday, July 24, 2014

Wet and Wild

Some of our Water Days thus far this summer...

We have a great little splash pad at the park closest to our home.  When we arrived Michael ran right to it.  Ella on the other hand was very hesitant, despite my efforts.  She just wanted to stand back and watch.  Well, lucky for her she has an AWESOME big brother. I did not say a word to Michael, he just observed for himself that Ella wasn't too sure about the splash pad.  He walked right out to her, grabbed her hand and said, "Come on Ella, it's fun, it's OK Sissy."  Ella willingly went with Michael.  She walked around the edge of the pad several times and then finally joined in on the fun.  Ella of course ended up having a blast and didn't want to leave.

Too cool for words at the Kemah Boardwalk splash pad! LOL!!  Jack and Jenn came too!

After drying and cooling off, on to ride the train!

Waterpillar in the backyard!

The Little Red Caboose

All Aboard for the Richards Family Red Caboose Adventure! 

We arrived on a Thursday afternoon.  We spent the remainder of the day exploring the caboose and taking in all of the sights on the property belonging to The Antlers Inn ~ neat place!

A few reading selections I brought along for our adventure.  

 I think the bunk beds were Michael's favorite part of the caboose.

 We brought along some train magnets.  What I thought would be just a little bit of fun turned into an hour long adventure throughout the caboose discovering all the things that were magnetic!  We had to spend about that much time looking for all of the train magnets when it was time to pack up...I think Michael succeeded in discovering all of the magnetic parts on the caboose! ;)

 Picnic area right behind our caboose, includes a grill and lantern.
 We followed the trail down to the lake where you can take a peek inside this very old cabin.  I failed to take a picture of the plaque explaining who it once belonged to.  I know that it was once somewhere else and it was relocated to this location.

We had breakfast one morning and dinner one evening at the restaurant on the property.

 Exploring the old RR crossing and track.

Adam requested close ups of the Railroad Emblems on each caboose.

After breakfast Friday morning we packed up and drove to a neat area on the Llano River that is great for exploring and learning how to skip rocks. :)

 It was all super fun until Momma slipped on this slippery rock and fell in the river. It happened so fast, all I remember is some sort of twist and tumble. I severely sprained my right ankle and could not stand up or put weight on my right foot. Adam couldn't help me since he had to keep Michael and Ella safe, so...911 was called.  I was embarrassed to have the EMT's get me out of the river, but I didn't have any other options.  I was indeed very grateful for their help. And taking an ambulance ride (my first by the way) helped to get me right into the waiting!  I could not believe Adam was standing there as the ambulance doors opened with my phone ready to take my picture!  

 The ER cleaned my wounds (I had cuts and gashes all down my right side from my elbow to my toe), took X-Rays, hooked me up with pain meds (favorite part), gave me an air cast and crutches with orders to see a doctor once we returned home. 

Adam did a great job giving me lots of TLC at the Red Caboose. 

Saturday morning Adam and Michael continued with our plans while Ella hung out with me in the caboose elevating my foot.  The boys went to a nearby lake water park and had a blast on the BIG water slide.

We had planned on going to a local winery but that wouldn't work with my foot, so for nap time we went on a driving tour of the area...first stop was the winery.  Some day I'm going to stomp some grapes!

 Next stop was a castle that can be viewed from the winery. 
 Adam took lots of scenic routes to get a closer look.

In this area of Texas you can find a lot of granite mining.

And the children indeed enjoyed nap time on the go.

 We packed up Sunday morning and leisurely made our way home.  First thing Monday morning Adam made me call an orthopedic doctor.  He took me that afternoon and the doctor put me in this glorious walking boot!  Hallelujah no more changing I tell you.  As I type this I am still in the boot and am very ready to be out of it and able to drive again.  Not a fan of being home bound!  

Aside from my injury this was a fun little trip and The Red Caboose is talked about almost daily!