Thursday, May 30, 2013

May Miscellaneous

Tomatoes are growing!

Made a visit to Grandma's House.

Michael watching the cows at Grandma's House.

Made a couple trips to Austin and stopped by to see the cousins! 


Michael REALLY likes Sophie's drums.

We were in Austin to purchase our new mini-van!! I LOVE it!  I always said I would never drive a mini-van, but that was before kids.  Never say never!

Michael is doing great at drawing faces. :)
Ella and I attended Holly's wedding. Wow, goes down in my top 3 weddings I have attended and I have attended a lot!  So sweet, special and unique!  Best wishes to Mr. & Mrs. Michael Stewart!!

Ella's bonnet made by her Great Aunt Pat.

Warmed up enough to start playing in the water.

New favorite at the Richards House!  Thank you to sweet friends that passed on this jewel...his smile says it all.

He plays car wash with the cute!

Adam has worked hard on our landscaping.  Love him!

 Love the colors in my Lantana.
 The Gardenia's are so fragrant.  I love cutting off one or two blooms and putting them in the kitchen.
 This was Adam's Granny's rose bush that he transplanted.  It has had so many blooms this year. 
 We just planted a yellow rose bush and this is it's first bloom! 

Ella's Adoption Finalization!!!!

Oh Happy Day ~ Our sweet girl is officially ours!!  Ella's adoption became final on Friday, May 17, but it has been final in our hearts from day 1!  Judge Matzke was delightful.  She interacted with Ella and Michael and in the end she said, "And now we are making Michael a big brother!"  It was sweet of her to include him.
 Ella with our sweet attorney, Jana.
When we arrived at the courthouse we parked in the new parking garage.  If you have been around Michael lately you know that he talks all day long about garages.  He points out every garage you pass as well.  The parking garage was just almost more than he could handle!  He talked about it throughout Ella's finalization.  It quickly became a joke with the judge and attorneys.  In the end, our attorney said, "Ok, judge lets wrap this up and go to the parking garage!"  So we of course had to get a picture in front of the parking garage.  Oh brother! 
We celebrated our sweet girl the following Saturday! 



 Popcorn Bar!


Ella was such a trooper.  Sweet thing didn't take her usual morning nap (I think she knew it was party day!), but she powered through the party.  Not many pics have a smile.  :(
And speaking of pictures, once again I did a lousy job of taking pictures of all our party guests.  I started out pretty good, but it didn't last long.  Missed capturing lots of sweet friends and family members that came to celebrate our sweet Ella Grace.