Monday, April 8, 2013

Ella Grace at 5 Months

5 Months, really?  How can that be?  It seems like it was just yesterday that we brought her home.  I may complain about how fast she is growing, but oh what fun we are having at this stage. 
She now weighs a little over 16 pounds (the scale pic below was at her 4 month visit...but just 3 weeks later at a sick visit, she had gained 2 pounds) and is wearing size 9 months!  She has lost most of her "wild hair" (sniff sniff). She is drinking 8 oz. at almost every feeding.  She loves to play, especially with her big brother. Her eyes are always on him and will practically turn all the way around if she can to keep up with him. She has several toys and activities that she likes, but I think her favorite is the froggy exersaucer...she seems to get a kick out of the challenge of grabbing at the frog, pushing the carrot down, and conquering the dragonfly!  She can spend 30 minutes there entertaining herself. Ella also really likes to be read to and reaches and grabs at each page of the book.   She very much likes her bedtime routine and knows if it is not being followed.  Bedtime is a cinch with her, as long as you follow the routine!  Atta girl Ella Grace!

Piggies!  Ella likes grabbing her toes, even on the scale at the pediatrician's office. 

Ella is following in her brother's footsteps where the burp cloth is concerned.  She is becoming attached and likes to fall asleep holding onto one. 
 Ella was the perfect model of story time with "Grandma Karla" at our last APO meeting.

Look closely and you will find Ella Grace's missing hair...

Sometimes you play so hard you just have to take a nap right then and there.
 Ella attended her first  "girl" party.  We went to Holly Davis' bridal shower.  We are so happy for Holly! She is such a wonderful, Godly young woman that will make an incredible wife. However, selfishly, we are also sad to be losing our awesome babysitter!!
Ella caught up on much needed loving from "Aunt" Sherry, cat napped a bit and then was ready to PARTY! :)

 Silly girl was having fun pulling her blanket over her head, again and again! She loves her blankets Nan!
 Moving on up to Big Girl toys now.  Serious concentration required! LOL! :)

 I love how they adore each other and enjoy playing together.  Melts my heart on a daily basis! 

The Easter Season...He Is Risen!

Palm Sunday and Easter Egg Hunt at FBCF

 All of the FBCF children (except for the bed babies, including Ella Grace) leading worship with "Hosanna!"


 Michael gave some eggs to Ella Grace...sweet big brother!

Easter Play-Do time with Mommy while Sissy was napping.

At Larry & Suzy's Annual Easter Egg hunt that is always the Saturday before Easter Sunday...and is always so much FUN! Just Mommy and Michael attended because Sissy was very sick.  We ended up in the ER on Easter Sunday with her (104 temp) and turns out she had a UTI.  She missed all of her first Easter events. :(

 His first confetti egg...he just wanted to clean it up! HA!

Easter Baskets from Mommy & Daddy on Easter morning

 Ella on Easter morning resting on Daddy.  Poor baby felt so bad.  :(
He is Risen, He is Risen Indeed!! Thank you Jesus for dying on the cross for us, we love you! 


We stopped on Hwy 6 on our way home from an APO meeting in College Station to take these sweet pictures in the Bluebonnets.  It was Adam's great idea to stop in front of this church.  Notice the all white bluebonnet...this was our first time to see one like that.