Saturday, August 26, 2017

Blessings in February

February Blessing #1:  Adam and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary.  Honored and blessed to be his wife! 

Of course Valentine's Day happened in February...check out his cutie!  Ella and I went to Michael's Valentine Party at school.

We had heart ravioli for dinner and heart brownies for dessert!

 February Blessing #2:  Michael's allergy testing showed that he may have outgrown his sesame seed allergy, so next up was a food challenge...NO REACTIONS!  Indeed he had outgrown his sesame allergy!! Praise the Lord!

First thing he wanted to try was Sesame Chicken!

February Blessing #3: We bought a new house!!

We said goodbye to the corner we had called home for 10 years.

And said, Hello to our new home!

After we closed we have found lovely gifts left for us from our sweet realtor!

February Blessing #4: OIT (Oral Immuo-Therapy)

Just two days after we closed on our house we traveled to Dallas for Day 1 of OIT for Michael's life threatening peanut allergy.  Day 1 involved taking 10 doses in tiny increments.  It is a solution of peanut protein mixed with kool-aid basically.  He made it to Dose 10!  As I type this it is August of 2017 and he is now eating 1.4g of a peanut daily.  We hope to graduate from OIT and go into maintenance by Christmas!  :)
OIT is hard to wrap our brain around...we are giving our child his poison to cure him.  Crazy but it's working and we PRAISE GOD!!!
Dose 1...The beginning!

All other doses since then Michael has given to himself.  He is owning it!

Day 1 is long but there is plenty to do to occupy our time while there.  Now when we go weekly he takes his up dose then we only have to wait 45 minutes.  We are rejoicing that OIT has gone very smoothly for Michael, no reactions.  That is a HUGE answer to prayer.  Thank you GOD!!!!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

What's New in 2017

Always a fun time when we get to see Jenn and Jack and it's even extra special if Mr. Jonny can come too.  We sent hugs to him.  

 Michael's first time to roller skate!

The most special thing of January 2017 is Michael was baptized by Adam!  
Hard to see his little head poking up out of the water.

Ella is pointing and telling her friends, "My brother is getting baptized!!"

Special hugs from Ms. Brandi!! 

We were honored to have Michael's Kindergarten teacher witness his baptism.  We love her!

Blessed to have our Tia Teia and Mr. Mark attend.

As well as Grandma, Uncle Slavin, Lauren and Billy.

We celebrated after church with lunch at Floyds, one of Michael's favorite spots for fish and shrimp.

Ella Grace attended her sweet friend Bethany's birthday party.  She was beyond thrilled to ride a PINK PONY!!  This is a frequent topic of conversation for her.  ;)