Sunday, January 27, 2013

Brother and Sister

One day this week as Ella was waking up, Michael beat me to her bed, leaned over and said, "Oh sissy, I wuv you, mmmm kiss kiss" he kissed her feet.  Melted this Mommy's heart for sure!  So blessed that Michael has loved and adored his baby sister since before she was born.  I pray their relationship grows in love through the years.  Ella has the best Big Brother and Michael has the best Little Sister!  I praise God for forming my precious little family just as it should be.
Michael is very interested in whatever Ella is doing.  If she cries he runs to her and gives her a paci.  He wants to make sure she is ok.  He likes to help hold her bottle and burp her.  About once a day he will say, "My turn," while holding out his arms, meaning I want to hold my sister.

Storytime with Daddy as brother gets a breathing treatment before bed.

Michael wanted to read a book to Sissy. Melt my heart, again! Lots of melting going on over here!
Holding Sissy's hand while she played.

Monday, January 21, 2013


Michael usually comes straight to our room in the mornings after he wakes up.  We thought that would happen on Christmas morning as well.  Nope, we found him playing away in the kitchen Santa brought for he and Ella. He said, "Santa cookies," and pulled me to where we had left the cookies and milk for Santa.  He showed me that Santa ate the cookies and drank the milk!
After stockings and gifts were opened...

Enjoying his gifts...


Christmas Eve

First we made Christmas cookies.
Of course there had to be a little sampling...

Then we went to the "Family Friendly" Christmas eve service at church  - we are a few years away from attending the candlelight service. Michael LOVED the music and ringing his jingle bell.  He was so excited to see the "camels" and the wise men.  He went down front for the story and was a bit anxious until he saw Ms. Lucinda and the twins.

After the Christmas eve service we drove around looking at Christmas lights and listening to Christmas music. 

This was our first year not to have our candy canes, but I really like our little Nativity.  We'll hopefully add lights to the trees next year.

Then we came home,  set out cookies and milk for Santa and went to bed!

December This-n-That

Our December started off with Adam turning 40 on December 1st! I had originally planned a big surprise party for  him, but then we found out about our sweet baby girl, so party plans were put on hold.  We spent his birthday driving to College Station for a meeting at our adoption agency.  Not the ideal way to spend your 40th birthday, but Ella Grace is certainly the BEST  birthday gift EVER!!

We had some crazy December temperatures, a few days really warm you thought it was spring and then some actual wintery days. You never know what each day will be in Houston.

Cold December day
Warm December day

Pinterest project: Christmas centerpiece

Mommy and Michael went to the Christmas Lights Parade

Santa Claus came to our Sunday School Family Christmas party at FBCF and read THE Chrsitmas story to the children and shared that Jesus is the reason for Christmas! Michael crawled right up in Santa's lap and cuddled ~ so different from last year! 

Since Ella was still so little we were blessed to have our family come to us to celebrate Christ's birth this year. The second Saturday in December Adam's mom and brother's family came. The third Saturday in December Steve and his family came.

Grandma, Daddy and Michael coloring Christmas pictures
Michael was ALL ABOUT his cousin Billy. He loved and loved on Billy.
Uncle Slavin and Ella
Lauren and Ella

Grandma and all of her grandchildren

*Sigh,* Apparently I wasn't in camera mode when Steve and the kids came, this is the only great pic I have of their Christmas visit ~Sweet Elizabeth feeding Ella

Sunday before Christmas and all ready to go to church for Ella's first Sunday. Special sermon today featuring the story of our precious gifts from God, Michael and Ella!
Love this picture.  One of his favorite Christmas decorations were the jingle bells on the door.  He loved to take them off, shake and sing "Jingle Bells" at the top of his lungs...but when there is a sleeping baby in the house that isn't always a good idea, thus the reason for the hand over his mouth.  So cute!

A little sad this Christmas season to not hear my Daddy read the Christmas story for the first time in my life, BUT thank you to my sweet Mama who ALWAYS had the video camera rolling.  I couldn't stand that but am so thankful now!  We pulled out an old VHS tape of family holidays and celebrations from the 80's and early 90's (oh my hair!!) and wouldn't you know it, Daddy was reading the Christmas story and singing, "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" and "Joy to the World!" Thank you mom and I'm sorry I was a brat when it came to videos and picture taking.  Love you and am excited that you and Daddy spent Christmas together this year with Jesus!