Sunday, October 12, 2014

Pumpkin Time

Michael "helping" me decorate for Fall.  He said that was his pumpkin truck.

 Cutest Punkins in the Patch

Fall Teacher Treats

Fall Happenings

A Ferry Ride

The kids experienced their first ferry ride in Galveston.  Michael thought it was pretty cool.  The best part was getting to see Dolphins swimming and jumping in the water.

A Construction Party

Michael had a blast at his friend Cody's birthday party.

A Snow cone truck came to the party!

An 80th Birthday

So September 14, 2014 would have been my Daddy's 80th Birthday.  Oh how I would have loved to have given him a big birthday bash.  The celebration he is having right now in Heaven is far better than any party I could have given him here on earth. I wore his favorite fedora hat on his birthday in his honor. Love and miss you Daddy!

House Divided

Yep, it's hard being a house divided sometimes.  Poor Michael will say in almost the same breath..."Hook'em Horns and Sic'Em Bears."  He wants to support both teams, sweet thing.  Love him!  Ella on the other hand picks one at a time.  One day you will hear her saying "Sic'Em Bears" and other days she will give her best longhorn fingers and say, "Hook'Em Horns."  No matter which one she says it  is absolutely adorable!

Fall Walk

Our first long walk since Mommy's falling in the river incident.  Finally released for full activity (with caution).  I still need to wear  a little bit of support sometimes but it feels good!

Friday Night Lights...Go Mustangs!

New Haircut

So lately Michael has had a "thing" about his hair.  He will come out of the bathroom (after being in there a long time) with wet hair and a big glob of hair gel on top of his head.  He is quite proud of himself and he'll say, "Mom look I fixed my hair."  Oh.  Dear.  Michael has a new hair cut and this picture was taken right after it was cut.  As you can see he likes it!

Girl Time!

Mommy had a much needed GNO with dear friends, after babies were tucked in bed.

Celebrated Lucinda's Birthday with a surprise lunch at Cheesecake Factory.


This is still one of Ella's favorite games!  She just loves it!

Monster Drawing

Michael talks about monsters alot.  He decided to draw them for us.

Dental Visit

Michael had his check-up with his dentist.  He had a glowing report!  Woo Hoo!  Ella will go in November for the first time.


So this pillow hangs on my nightstand.  One evening Ella Grace came in the kitchen wearing it.  Too precious.  How could we ever NOT kiss this sweet face good night?!?! Love her so much!!

"I Do It"

If I want to sweep my floor I have to do it while Ella is sleeping.  Why, you  might ask? Well, my little girl LOVES to sweep! Every single time (I mean I can't even sneak sweep) I get the broom out to sweep she runs to me crying, "I do it, I do it, I do it." Sure hope this is still happening when she's a teenager!