Thursday, December 26, 2013

Bailey Christmas

We were unable to celebrate Christmas with Steve and his family as planned in Austin last weekend after the flu hit their home and 4 of the 6 were down! Thankfully all recovered and we were able to meet them half way today to fellowship, eat, laugh and exchange gifts.  Short but very sweet with lots of love!





Had to try out their new toys as soon as we arrived back home. :)


Merry Christmas!

Santa read Michael's request and delivered the soccer ball safely! Whew!
Michael enthusiastically telling us, "Santa got my soccer ball!!!!"
 Santa even left a stocking for Grandma!





Before opening presents Daddy read the Christmas Story in Luke 2 while Michael, Ella and I demonstrated with our Nativity set.




 Checking to see if Santa left a boot. LOL!!

 Discovering the eaten carrots by Rudolph.

Michael's number one request from Santa: a Lollipop! When it was time to open his stocking, the lollipop was the first thing opened and put in his mouth immediately before he opened anything else!

 After all presents and stockings were opened...

 Christmas morning cinnamon rolls.

Play time!




Ella was quite proud of herself for pulling out all of the Christmas books and climbing inside the basket.  Never a dull moment! :)

We indulged in a super yummy Christmas dinner: Peppered Beef Tenderloin with a red wine cream sauce, green beans w/mushrooms, honey roasted carrots, mashed potatoes, yeast rolls and a cranberry orange chutney.  Mmmm, wish you could have been at our table!

 Posing in his new batman jammies and bat mobile slippers before bedtime. "Nananananananananana BATMAN!"
 My FAVORITE picture from Christmas day taken after bath time just before bed...Michael playing with Ella and her new dollhouse and Ella putting her hand on her big brother.  Just love my babies and how they love each other.  Yes, they may quarrel as siblings do about sharing toys, etc..., but moments like these melt my mommy heart.