Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Michael's Big Boy Room

The airplanes and trains below on either side of the window were hung in Adam's room when he was a little boy.  We gave them a face lift with fresh paint.  So special that these were in father and son's bedrooms.
The chalk table to the left of the train table is a table Adam made in high school.  Again we freshened with paint, the top is chalk paint.  The lid comes off for additional storage - love more storage!  Michael was very blessed by his big buddy Landon.  Landon outgrew the train table and passed it down to Michael along with ALL of the accessories!  I don't know who loves it more, Adam or Michael.  They play together every day.  Each time I go into Michael's room the trains have a different arrangement! :)

Haven't decided just yet on what to do with this wall space...
We want to order him a street sign with his name on it...maybe for Christmas.


Friday, October 19, 2012


Well we haven't made it to the pumpkin patch...yet.  But just in case we don't make it this year, Lucinda and I took a few pictures of the kiddos in our front yard.

Lil' Pumpkin on the Way

Sweet friends gave Ella Grace a beautiful shower.  We had a delicious brunch,  great fellowship and  lots of joy & laughter.  They have Ella all set with ruffles, tutus and bows!  Thankful for the wonderful ladies the Lord has put in my life that love my daughter already!  Can't believe her expected arrival is just a little over two weeks away!!  Can't wait to kiss my precious gift from God!






Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Celebration of Adoption

We attended a "Celebration of Adoption" hosted by Adoptive Families of Houston.  The event was held at Clay's ~ really neat place by the way.   When we drove up Michael started shouting, "farm, farm," because of the buildings.  He wasn't disappointed...he had his first pony ride and was able to pet/see many animals.  There was face painting, balloon making, hula hooping, karaoke, dancing, pony rides, a petting zoo and food.  It was neat to connect with other adoptive families and Michael had SO MUCH FUN.  They had an "opening ceremony" that was sweet but for me something was glaringly missing.  You see they lit a candle in honor of your child's birth mom and said to send "warm thoughts" her way, played a Phil Collins song (You'll be in my heart) while the kids all waved their paper hearts,  etc...  All that is fine and good but I cannot celebrate my child without giving God the Honor and Glory!!  Michael (and Ella) would not have happened without my loving God's hand at work.  While we had a great time I just left kind of empty with a feeling that God was left out of the the thought has crossed my mind, maybe I should start Christian Adoptive Families of Houston.  Food for thought for another day.




Funny Michael

 So thankful for our happy, funny and loving boy! Michael has us laughing ALL the time, I just had to post a few of his "funnies" to remember in the future...
How blessed am I to see this face and smile all day long!  Michael cracks us up with his love of wearing hats, especially backwards on purpose.  :)

Two years old and probably knows more about my iPad than I do.  Good grief!

I don't have a picture for these:
1.  Michael not only clearly shows his emotions, but he expresses the emotion he is having at the time.  If he is sad he will say, "Sad."  If something is funny he will say, "funny."  If he is crying he will say, "Cry."  You get the picture.

2.  He has just recently started playing "opossum" in the car.  When we get home and pull in the garage he immediately turns his head, closes his eyes and makes a fake snoring sound...SO FUNNY!  He pretends to be asleep and then cracks up laughing when I call him on it

Meet Bunny. Bunny was the last gift from G-Daddy to Michael before he died. He gave it to Michael for Easter. Just recently Adam and I would find Bunny in our bed at night. Sometimes the bunny would be on my side and sometimes on Adam's. This happened for a whole week. Not sure when or why Michael did that but I am very curious what his thought process was. It was so sweet. Bunny hasn't appeared in our bed anymore, but has traveled to Target and on walks several times.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

September Happenings

 September was exciting and busy celebrating our Big Boy's 2nd Birthday and a fantastic trip to Oklahoma to meet Ella's birth-parents, but we have had lots of other things keeping us busy in September too!  Michael started "school!"  He is attending CDO (Children's Day Out) at our church on Thursday's from 9:30-1:30 and LOVES it!  This was a big step for Mommy due to Michael's life-threatening nut allergy...I will be posting about this later. 
His Classroom

Michael with one of his teachers, Ms. Bekah ~ we love her!

Michael on his 2nd day of school, because I forgot to take a picture on the first day! This was BLUE day at school.  I couldn't get him to look at me for the picture...he was focusing on the door to go inside, very serious!  I am so proud of him, no tears now that he is in the routine. He marches right in carrying his lunch box.

Michael had a big nasty bump on his head for about a month, poor baby.  After his bath one night, he ran (naked) as fast as he could to his room and tripped right before he got to the rocking chair.  His forehead hit the wooden base of the chair.  :(

Fun lunch date with the Bright twins.

Adventures at the Children's Museum with Max!  Michael loves Max.  He loves saying Max's name.  If he doesn't know some one's name, he calls them Max!

Michael likes to wear his giraffe backpack around the house.

Big excitement around our house.  Our neighbor across the street is a recently retired Houston Fire Fighter.  He had this vintage fire truck shipped to him and he is restoring it.  Fun times for Michael!

Michael had a blast (but probably not as much fun as Daddy) looking at the airplanes at the Oklahoma City Science Museum.

Michael has been mowing the lawn, a lot.  He loves to "mow."  He received not one, but two lawn mowers for his birthday.  One that he can put "gas" in & "turn on" and one that blows bubbles when pushed.  He goes to the back door every day and requests to mow.  I sure hope this trend continues when he is a teenager...with the real mower that is!

We had a long overdue play date with Micah!  Oh how we miss the Lindsey family.  They are super busy these days.  Michael's favorite thing about Micah's house are the pups of course!  He loves them!

We finally had a rainy day for Michael to wear his new rain gear.  He had so much fun playing in the rain and DID NOT want to come back inside.  Cute little froggy!
Of course the most exciting thing happening around here are all the preparations for Baby Ella Grace!!!!  We brought all of the baby items down out of the attic.  Michael thinks they are all for him!  Michael has transitioned to his big boy room and big boy bed like it was nothing.  I am so very proud of him!  Still putting the final touches on his room, but I will post pictures as soon as it is finished.  Likewise, I am a few projects shy of completing our baby girl's  room.  Here are sneak peeks:

Michael helping Daddy install his new bookshelves.  He is such a great helper and wants to do everything just like Daddy!

Bedtime stories with Daddy in the Big Boy Bed!