Saturday, January 30, 2010

To My Child

"I Just Haven't Met You Yet" (Michael Buble')

And I Know Someday That It'll All Turn Out
You'll Make Me Work So We Can Work To Work It Out
And I Promise You Kid That I'll Give So Much More Than I Get
I Just Haven't Met You Yet

I Might Have To Wait
I'll Never Give Up
I Guess It's Half Timing
And The Other Half's Luck (Nope not luck ~ The Sovreignty of my God and His PERFECT timing)
Wherever You Are
Whenever It's Right
You Come Out Of Nowhere And Into My Life

And I Know That We Can Be So Amazing
And Baby Your Love Is Gonna Change Me
And Now I Can See Every Possibility

Oh You Know It'll All Turn Out
And You'll Make Me Work So We Can Work To Work It Out
And I Promise You Kid To Give So Much More Than I Get
Yeah I Just Haven't Met You Yet

I Said Love Love Love Love Love Love Love .....
I Just Haven't Met You Yet
Love Love Love .....
I Just Haven't Met You Yet

I Love You oh child of arms are waiting just for YOU and I CAN'T WAIT TO MEET YOU!!


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Interview Scheduled

The adoption agency just called...I have been anxiously awaiting this phone call! The placement manager said that he just finished reading through our application and wanted to set up an interview with us...which is the next step. So, we are interviewing at 1:00 on Monday. It is my understanding that we will be interviewed separately and then together. Please pray for calmness and peace, the right words, the placement manager to have receptive ears and heart (By the way, his name is Don and we already adore him, he's wonderful) and most of all that we will shine Christ's light. Don't forget to pray for our baby and birth mom too. I find myself thinking and praying for them all the time...wondering if our baby has been conceived yet, and what is going on in the birth mom's life.

I'll post again after the interview.

Love you all,

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Seminar or Revival?

We attended the Aggieland Adoptions Pre-Application Seminar this weekend. We walked away knowing that we were in the right place. I kept asking myself, "Am I at an adoption seminar or a revival?" It was incredible, amazing, heart-warming, confirming, exciting, and prayer centered! We are so blessed to have been led to this precious organization whose single goal is to place babies in homes that will lead them to an eternity with Jesus. Most (I'm not saying all) adoption agencies kind of feel like "baby brokers." That is so not the case here. Let me just tell you that over half of the adoption application deals with who we think Jesus Christ is, our relationship with Him, our relationship with each other, and our involvement with our church. I could go on and on and on, instead I'll just tell you where we go from here:
1. complete our very lengthy application
2. wait to hear back from the agency with an invitation to continue with the process
3. go to the agency for an interview
4. home study ~ involves more paper work for us, a lot of preparation(safety stuff) to our home and the actual home study
5. life book ~ OK so I had this great plan for making our life book, but that went out the window after they told us their VERY specific guidelines. You see the life book is how we are chosen by the birth mother, so IT HAS TO BE GOOD!! I don't have a lot of experience with scrap booking, mostly because I'm a perfectionist with that kind of stuff and it drives me crazy. So you can only imagine how I'll be with this scenario. I may be calling on savvy scrap booking friends to help me out!
6. WAIT for a birth mom to choose us

That's a very brief summary. Please continue to pray for the process and our baby...going to go work on the application now. ;)