Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Friends and Neighbors

The Bakers...They moved in two doors down not quite two years ago (I think that's right).  Lyla and Michael are about two months apart.  Shelby and Ella Grace are about two months apart.  They love playing together.  It is so fun to have spontaneous play dates living so close.  Not only that but they love Jesus, are the kind of people you can trust, depend on, have fun with and love!  Thank you Lord for sending the Baker Family to the Richards Family!

Going to Work

For months now Michael has been begging to go to work with Daddy.  Well today was finally an unscheduled day for us and an easy work day for Adam.  Adam went ahead to work at his regular time while the kids and I were still sleeping.  After Michael woke up I got him ready to "GO TO WORK."  

Adam met us at the front of his building to take Michael out of the van.  
Off to work they go (while Ella Grace and I went shopping at Whole Foods)!

When I picked Michael up he was so excited to show me the "work" he did at Daddy's office.

Then Daddy treated us all to lunch at La Madeline's.  What a special day for my sweet boy!

Monday, March 24, 2014

A Pirate Paarrrrty

Michael attended his best big Matey's Pirate Birthday Party.  
Zachary turned 8 and he was so sweet to want to include his little buddy Michael.  

 Kudos to Mandi for her awesome pirate party planning skills! Great job! The big boys had a blast going on a very clever scavenger/treasure hunt in their neighborhood.

Rodeo Time!

 Giddy Up Cowboy! 
 Michael dressed up for Rodeo Day at school.

Ready to Rodeo! 
 Thankful Daddy could take the day off to play with us. We had a full and fun day.  
We met up with the Lindsey Family and had a blast!

Riding the carousel with my little cowboy.

We cheered on  Maddie Beth while she was Mutton Bustin!! She did such a great job, so proud of her!  Michael can't wait to do some Mutton Bustin when he is 5.  

Michael and Micah reunited! The boys had fun riding rides together.

 Checking out the chickens.
Not sure why I didn't get many pictures with the animals.  Ella especially loved the animals.  Next year will be fun when she is big enough for a pony ride.

Michael rode his very first roller coaster!  Maddie Beth was a great encourager!

 Worn Out...signs of a good time!
 See you next year HLSR!

Strawberry Picking

In between freezing weather days we had some beautiful days! On one of those days we spent the afternoon picking strawberries at Froberg's Farm.  Ella discovered that she really does like strawberries as long as they aren't cut up!  Funny girl...I have tried often to feed her strawberries, but of course I cut them up so she doesn't choke.  She would just spit them out.  Well, while picking strawberries she would pick them up out of the bucket and take big bites and sign more and please over and over!  Michael of course LOVES them.  I am surprised that, between the two of them, we had strawberries in our bucket when we got home.