Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Divine Mail Delivery

WOW! We mailed our initial form to the adoption agency on Monday to College Station and today (Tuesday) at 11:20 am an agency staff person called, with our form in front of him! Whew, I think our form must have had an angel deliver it! When I saw the agency's name on caller id I think my heart skipped a beat! Enjoyed my visit on the phone very much. He said, "You're doing this at a great time!" You see step #2 in this process is an adoption seminar at the agency that only happens twice a year...wouldn't you know it they are having one January 8 & 9! If we had waited 'til mid-January to send our form in then the whole process would have been postponed at least six months. I feel so much that God's hand is in this!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

A New Journey Begins

I am thrilled to announce that Adam and I are beginning the journey of adoption! The initial paperwork is in the mail...here we go! A BIG SHOUT OUT and thanks to my friend, Katy Cummings, for leading us to Aggieland Adoptions. Yes, I know, "AGGIE" is not in the vocabulary for a Texas Longhorn and a Baylor Bear, but with God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!! We love everything we have learned about this adoption agency.
Please pray with us as we go through each step and phase of this long process. Pray especially for the child God has just for us.
Happy New Year ~ praying 2010 will be bring us a new little life to love!
~ Rachel