Saturday, September 15, 2012

Puppy Dog Birthday Paw-ty!

Michael LOVES "Pups," so that easily became the theme for his 2nd Birthday Party.

Since Michael's big boy room has just been painted and his furniture has not arrived yet, we had an empty room to set up our Puppy Party Stations! Upon entering the puppy room the kiddos had their face puppy dog painted and picked out their dog ears.
Then they chose their own "puppy."

Next they took their puppy to the "vet" for a check-up...If they were a good little puppy they could give them a "treat," they were really scooby snacks (graham crackers).

            Next, they gave their puppy a "bath" and a good brushing.
Then they could read/look at books in the "dog bed."

All pups have to eat, so next up was the feeding station.
They scooped out the food and put it into the bowl (it was really cocoa puffs, so they had a snack before lunch).

 Next up was the crafty stickers to put on dog bones, or dog bone crayons to color puppy pictures.

And of course a dog house was present to play in.
Cake Time!

Thankful for sweet little friends...
And thankful for an uncle for came to his nephew's party after having only 5 hours of sleep in the last two days!! And Grandma was there too of course...but where is her picture?!?!

Our puppy party music selection playing in the background:
~ Do Your Ears Hang Low?
~ Five Little Speckled Dogs
~ B-I-N-G-O
~ How Much is That Doggy in the Window?
~ Who Let the Dogs Out?
~ You Ain't Nothing But a Hound Dog

After all the planning and organizing for a puppy party, the biggest hit with all of the kids...
The Truck!
 Big thank you to my sweet friend Mandi...for baking Michael's cake, helping me get ready for the party and being the wonderful friend that she is!
A dog-gone good time was had by all! 

Turning 2 in San Antonio

Believe it or not, my sweet boy turned 2 on September 9!  I say believe it or not for myself, because I just can't believe how quickly these two years have flown.  It scares me how quickly the rest of his life will pass right before my eyes.  I pray often for the Lord to continue to guide Adam & I as parents as we try to raise this precious boy into a man after God's own heart.  Oh how I love him!  He is still our constant joy.  He has a super cute contagious laugh.  He loves to play chase, watch Kipper the Dog, read books, play with trains, cars and airplanes, build with blocks, play ball and adores "pups." 

Part of Michael's birthday gift was a family mini-vacation to San Antonio.  We had a fabulous, memory making time!

Of course, no trip to San Antonio is complete without a stop at Buccee's along the way...Must. Stop. For. Buccee's!

We stayed at Staybridge Suites, across from Sea World...very nice set up.  Michael loved riding on the luggage cart after we unloaded, while Daddy pushed.  He wanted all of his "friends" to ride too!

 Our first day was spent shopping at the Market Square where Michael became a one-boy band with drums, a guitar and a tambourine.  He played that guitar all day long, including while we strolled along the River Walk...we should have had a tip jar with us! :) He was our lunch entertainment while we ate on the River Walk.  Speaking of lunch, this kid LOVES Tex-Mex. Give him some chips & queso and he is good to go...throw in some refried beans, mexican rice and a cheese enchilada and he is a very happy camper!

                                            Our lunch time serenade on the River Walk!
This duck was quite an annoyance while we ate lunch on the River Walk. She pecked Adam & I numerous times on our booty wanting food. She was not bashful. I finally learned to flick a little water on her and she would leave us alone for about a minute before pecking again! Michael thought the "quack quack" was hilarious!
The next day was Sea World Day!!
We started out our day at Rosita's Cafe' near the Sesame Street Bay of Play at Sea World, before the park opened, for a special breakfast with Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Abby, Zoey and Grover!  Oh boy did Michael have fun.  All this time we thought Elmo was Michael's favorite, but no sir, this boy is all about BIG BIRD!!!!!  At the gift shop all he wanted was a big bird and he has yet to let Big Bird out of his sight.  He takes very good care of Big Bird, making sure he eats, drinks and sleeps! 
Just starring in awe...

                                                  Hugs from his Sesame Street Friends...

Getting ready to play "Hide and Seek" with the Sesame Street Gang...FUN!

After Breakfast we toured the rest of Sea World and watched a couple shows, including Shamu. 

Then we ended the afternoon getting wet at the Sesame Street Bay of Play...such a FUN DAY for our boy!

Yep, he did just what you're thinking...poked that girl right in her booty.  That's what she gets for sticking it out there ~ UGH!!

After we returned home, on his actual birthday, he opened his presents from Mommy & Daddy.

                                         This truck has been in constant action! Big Hit!
                                                            Little People Farm
Frog Rain Gear (Mommy's Favorite ~ my cute little frog!) 
Thankful for a happy and healthy 2 year old!  My heart overflows, thank you Jesus!