Sunday, June 17, 2012

Beach Vacation

After we left the Bailey's in South Carolina we headed to the beautiful Destin, Florida.  We had a much needed time of R&R together.  And as we expected, Michael LOVES the beach!  He had a blast playing in the sand and laughed, laughed, laughed when the water hit his feet.

This is the view from our balcony.  We stayed at the Hilton Sandestin Beach Golf Resort and Spa.  Adam and I took turns getting massages at the Spa...great therapy!

 At the beach at our resort...pretty crowded.

 At the beach at Topsail State Park...not crowded!  Thankful to the Harstine's for letting us in on the secret spot! 

Family beach pics...

Dinner outside on our last night. 

South Carolina

Jessica graduated from high school on June 1 and we were blessed to be there!  We are very proud of her accomplishments and look forward to watching the Lord's plan for her life unfold.  We had a great visit with Philip, Julie and Jessica.  Michael of course loved all of the attention.

Philip and Julie took us to Billy Graham's library...this is a MUST SEE for everyone!  I hope to go back again some day when I can focus and not keep up with a toddler. It was an absolutely gorgeous and perfect day.

After Adam's recent trip to Germany, he has quite the appetite for German cuisine.  Good German food in the USA is hard to come by, but we found it South Carolina, right down the road from Philip and Julie's house!  It was delicious and very authentic.

Michael had fun climbing on the big rock in Uncle Philip's back yard. 

May Happenings

May was filled with swimming lessons for Michael at Acro Sports.  The first lesson consisted of Michael watching the other little boys and crying if asked to do anything.  By the last lesson he was the leader of the group: kicking his feet, splashing, scooping his hands, jumping in, etc...  He loved it!  Unfortunately, I do not have any photos or videos of his lessons because I was in the water with him.  After his last lesson he was given a medal from his coach.  Watch out Michael Phelps, Michael Richards is on the rise!

Adam traveled to Munich, Germany for seven days.  While he was gone Michael was super sick with hand, foot and mouth disease.  Daddy was greatly missed and we were SO HAPPY to pick him up at the airport!

I think the Richards household is keeping the watermelon growers in business.  Michael LOVES watermelon.  It is by far his favorite.  This picture was taken in April by Pop, but it sums up my boy's love of watermelon.  On this particular day we were at the park with Nan & Pop.  Michael spotted a lady with a watermelon across the park.  My little man marched himself right up to her and charmed himself into a slice of watermelon.  After he finished that slice he walked back up to her and said/signed, "more, more!"  Oh my...

Around the middle of May we began spending a lot of time in Huntsville helping Grand-Daddy and NaNaw.  Grand-Daddy's lung cancer is now very advanced and aggressive.  NaNaw broke her leg and is also requiring a lot of help. Grand-Daddy says Michael is "good medicine!"
 We pray for both of them every day.

Michael getting "good night" snuggles from Grand-Daddy.