Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

October 2011

We have had a fun and busy fall thus far. Michael is growing by leaps and bounds, saying more words, making connections and enjoying life. He has some new favorites: the purple ball from his ball popper and any Sesame Street book. We have two (So Big and Bubbles, Bubbles) in his living room book area, one on his bedroom book shelf (Nighty Night) and one in the car (Eyes and Nose Fingers and Toes ). Out of the tons of books in each area he ALWAYS finds these books and brings them to us to read, so cute! We are not sure what the attraction is to these books, but he absolutely loves them. It makes this teacher's heart so happy when I see him "reading" books on his own. He loves books and I couldn't be happier! I think he spends more time with his books than he does with his toys. He is beginning to repeat words. His new words are: cheese, kitty kat, what's that, hello. My favorite new thing he does is put his hand to his ear and say, "Hewoe" (hello). He will also put any object up to his ear and say hello as well. Love it!! He enjoys going on walks outside in his stroller. He took his first step while watching the UT vs. OU football game. He still prefers to crawl, I think because he can get there faster when he crawls.

Watching the UT vs. OU game with didn't go the way Daddy wanted it to. (Notice that Michael is holding the beloved "Bubbles Bubbles" Sesame Street book)

Reading books.

First time in the "Big Boy" shopping cart at HEB!

Since Michael has an obsession with phones and now says, "hello," we bought him a toy smart phone with some of his birthday money...he LOVES it!

First time playing on the playground at the park.

We attended our friend Ethan's super fun 3rd birthday party at the Houston Fire Museum.