Wednesday, September 14, 2011

First Birthday!!

WOW ~ ONE YEAR OLD!!! My baby boy is a little boy now growing way too fast, but I am so thankful that he is growing just as he should. I have been overwhelmed with emotion this last week, just looking back on how the Lord has blessed us. All through our waiting time for our child I hung onto Ephesians 3:18-20, "May you grasp how wide and long and big and deep My love for you is; a love that surpasses knowledge...YOU CANNOT ASK OR IMAGINE THE THINGS I AM PLANNING FOR YOU!" Boy that is right! I am in awe and honored that Adam and I were chosen by God to nurture this precious child that is so sweet, smart, loving and full of joy. I know God has great plans for Michael!

Michael is so very close to walking and cruises like a pro. He has made the transition from formula to milk without a hitch! Still working on the transition from bottle to sippy cup. Some table food he will eat, but for the most part he still prefers Stage 3 baby food and finger foods (puffs, cheerios, blueberries, bananas, strawberries, mum mums, oatmeal bars, etc...). Hoping to add green peas and carrots to his finger food list. He will sometimes eat green beans off of my plate. By the way, he calls all food, "Mum Mum," and his bottle is "Mum, mum, mum,mum." Funny boy! He loves to bang/drum on anything...table, ottoman, chairs, side of the tub. He gets such excitement from drumming! I really need to capture this on video. We started Kindermusik class this past week and he loves it! Michael can sign and say, "All Done" after a meal or bottle. He just recently started saying "All Done" when I'm changing his diaper because he wants it to be overwith.

We had a wonderful time celebrating his first year of life. Adam took off work on Friday (Michael's actual birthday Sept. 9) and we went to the zoo. We were not impressed with our Houston zoo at all, but the aquarium and train ride at the end saved the day. Michael is just like his Daddy and LOVED the train. When we were in line for our train tickets a lady in line saw Micahel's shirt ("Baby's First Birthday") and gave him a dollar for his first birthday ~ such a sweet gesture from a stranger. We added it to his piggy bank when we got home.

His favorite part was banging on the seat in front of us ~ he turns everything into a drum!

Saturday was the big party day! Since Michael's adoption party was large, we wanted to have a small birthday party ~ still turned out to be almost 40 people! ;)
We of course had a monkey party and a great time was had by all! Enjoy the pics...

The invitation

Front Door Sign

Michael's party guests signed in by creating their own thumbprint silly monkey. I thought it turned out cute; fun to see everyone's different creative talents!

Birthday Banner

Party Favors

One of our birthday party activities was this quiz about Michael. Aunt Pat was the big winner! How well do you know Micahel...double click to make it bigger and see if you know the answers! :)

Michael's smash cake! Created by my sweet and wonderfully talented friend Mandi.

Mandi and Monkey!


Mandi came over around 7pm on Friday evening and we were up to our eyeballs making cupcakes, icing and monkey cupcake toppers 'til midnight. She is the expert and I just followed her directions. By the way, did you know that if you are with a good friend and talking while making cupcakes you might accidentally leave out baking soda and powder and have to make them all over again? I wouldn't know anything about this of course!! ;)

Banana cupcakes with chocolate buttercream icing.

Chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese icing.

Since this was a monkey party we had to serve banana things like banana chips, banana pudding and banana punch ~ we were going BANANAS!!

Singing "Happy Birthday!"
Before we sang to Michael, Adam said a prayer of Thanksgiving over Michael. Thanking God for Michael's life and giving him to us. He prayed for God's graciousness over Michael that he would live to tell HIS story to the next generation ~ AMEN!

Trying to show him how to blow.

"Hmmm, not too sure about this."

"Oh boy, new toys (and tissue paper) to play with!"

Michael's best buddy Micah and his family

Naomi and her Mommy

Ms. Janell and Landon

Michael and all of his Texas cousins. We missed Jessica who lives in South Carolina :(

Aunt Angela

Uncle Gene and Aunt Pat

Billy and Aunt Karen



Sweet cousins!


Of course Michael's monkey attended the party!

One Year Pictures