Tuesday, July 12, 2011

10 Months!

10 months ~ unbelievable!! Michael is growing by leaps and bounds! He continues to be a very happy, loving and affectionate boy - we are blessed!! Michael seems to mostly be a Mama's boy but there are times when HE WANTS HIS DADDY (especially when Daddy comes home)! He still says "DaDa" and not "MaMa" ~ I work on that one every day! He is now crawling everywhere, but on his belly. If he sees something that he really likes, he goes super fast to get to it and it is so hilarious to watch. He is intrigued by anything that will open and close. He is very proud of himself if he closes a door in the house. He loves to "play" the piano. It is so cute to watch ~ if I leave sheet music out, he will turn the page, play the piano a little bit, turn another page, play the piano a little bit...we might have a future musician on our hands! :) He can now self-feed with Baby Mum Mums and graham crackers. He has absolutely no interest in puffs, wagon wheels or cheerios. He also cannot tolerate foods that have a chunky texture (Stage 3 foods)...he will gag and throw up. We are hoping and praying this will not be an issue in the coming month or two. As I have mentioned before he loves phones and as it turns out, he knows more than I do! One day he was playing with the phone and all of the sudden I heard our answering machine messages playing on the phone, I didn't even know it could do that! Michael taught Mommy something new. Michael's favorite game is peek-a-boo and he now initiates the action. He pulls his burp cloth (of course it is always with him b/c he won't go without) up over his eyes and waits for you to say, "Where's Michael?" and then he quickly pulls it down and smiles...repeat about 10 times! His newest accomplishment is pulling up to stand...and as of yesterday he can pull up and stand in his crib ~ yikes! Looks like we'll have to lower the crib mattress again soon. I wonder if he will skip crawling off of his belly and go straight to walking? I am in no hurry for him to walk! One of his favorite activities is to BOUNCE, BOUNCE, BOUNCE...in his exersaucer, on your lap, etc... This month Michael attended his first VBS while Mommy taught the "big kids." He had a great week! He was the only boy in his class. I was so surprised and delighted when I picked him up on the last day to receive all of the precious crafts he did all week ~ I had no idea! I will forever treasure his hand print, foot print and pictures. He already has his first "art work" hanging on the refrigerator! Michael also attended his first Richards Reunion 4th of July weekend. He did not, however, get to go to his first 4th of July Parade/BBQ in Friendswood b/c we had an unexpected "evacuation" from our home to G-Daddy and NaNaw's for 5 days. Our AC fan motor went out and a new one had to be ordered. No way we could stay in our home with the HOT Texas heat, so we packed up and went to G-Daddy's. We were blessed to soak up their AC and for Michael to get in some good loving and play time with G-Daddy and NaNaw. Michael also had his first modeling gig ~ LOL! My friend has started her own business making baby clothes and she asked if Michael would be her boy model. He is super cute if I do say so myself! VBS 2011 ~ Big Apple Adventure Crawling to cousin Billy at the Richards Reunion Pulling up in the crib Standing up in the crib! I took a ton of shots and sadly this was the best one. My camera is a bit delayed and all the super cute smiling/laughing pictures ended up like this. :(