Monday, June 20, 2011

First Father's Day!!

Happy first Father's Day to Adam!!

We began our celebration on Friday with a Father's Day meal with Grand-Daddy at Pappasito's. We met him half-way. Next was a trip to Gander Mountain...we came out with two boxes of ammo for Adam and a bear puppet for Michael. Saturday morning Adam was served breakfast in bed: His favorite fruit kolaches from his favorite bakery in League City. I think this was his favorite part of the whole weekend. On Saturday we had dinner at one of his favorite restaurants: The Classic Cafe in Seabrook. He loves their oyster po-boys. Sunday he was surprised to see a picture of he and Michael in their matching UT shirts in the slide slow at church in honor of Father's Day. Michael and I gave him a membership to a local shooting club and "The World's Greatest Dad" t-shirt in the above picture. I'm not sure he remembers (I do), but a long time ago as we were in the midst of dealing with our infertility, he said, "When I'm a Dad I want a shirt that says World's Greatest Dad!" After church Adam wanted to visit his Dad's grave as well as both of his grandpa's, so that's just what we did. He finished off the day by shooting his rifle. It made me happy to hear as we were going to sleep Sunday night, "Thank you for a wonderful first Father's Day!" I love my husband and am so thankful that Michael and I have him...we are blessed!! He is a wonderful Daddy and very deserving of his t-shirt! ;)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

9 Months!

My baby is growing so fast! We are already starting plans for his first birthday, how can it be? He is such a joy and is learning new things everyday. He gets a kick out of opening and closing a book all by himself, over and over. He is fascinated with what his fingers and hands can now do. He wants to grab EVERYTHING! He is not crawling yet, but he is working on it! Michael has an obsession with phones and remotes...what is so attractive about those things to babies? If I am on the phone he wants to be right there with me and wants to "help" hold it. He is a smart night at 4 am he woke up and whined just a little, then he went to the opposite end of his crib, reached up and turned the music part of his mobile on, then went back to sleep! He has been turning it on ever since ~ smart boy! He is talking up a storm, especially, "Da Da Da Da!" Daddy is oh so very proud of this accomplishment. Mommy is seriously working on "Ma Ma Ma Ma!" He gets great joy from grabbing mommy's water bottle, I mean he will laugh out loud...every time! He will choose my water bottle over toys, go figure! He is eating three meals a day. He had his first swim on Memorial Day and did not like it much at all. I really thought he would love it because he loves bath time. I think the water was too cold. We'll try again soon. He now has 6 teeth, 4 on top and 2 on bottom. He graduated to a big boy car seat because he was too long and weighed too much for the infant carrier. :(
His 9 month check-up is on June 17 and we are so curious about his height and weight.

He loves to tump over his toy baskets and dig through his "treasures."

First ride in his new car seat.

First swim

G-Daddy and NaNaw came for a visit!

We went to visit Grandma.

Little bit of cousin time with cutie Olivia on Memorial Day (notice the beloved water bottle).