Sunday, July 7, 2013

Summer Harvesting

Good eats this summer, home grown by The Richards.


Forgot to take pictures of the plums, they were beautiful and delicious.
Adam and Michael's routine when Adam gets home from work is to go outside to pick peaches and tomatoes.  Michael puts on his froggy boots, grabs his bucket and heads out. So cute.  He is so proud when he comes in and says, "Look what I picked Mama!"

ELLA GRACE at 7 make that 8 months!!

This shirt perfectly describes our girl!
Oh my, hanging my head in shame...Mommy fail!  I can't believe Ella Grace is 8 months today and I have yet to do her 7 month update!  Well, in my defense we have had strep throat, hand foot mouth disease, a double ear infection and a major asthma flare up in our house...not to mention VBS.  So I have been a bit preoccupied.  I'll just combine my sweet girl's updates.

The Latest and Greatest about Ella Grace:
*Ella is sitting up all by herself, such a big girl!
*She is eating two meals of solid food every day.  Still not a fan of apples or pears.
*SCREAMING at the top of her lungs in excitement.
*Had a horrible ten days of hand foot mouth disease...we all want to forget that.
*Weighing in at almost 20 pounds. Wearing size 12 months in most clothes.
*Jibber Jabbering a lot.
*Major Mommy Girl these days (yep, I'm good with that!)
*Not quite crawling yet.  She will get up on her hands and knees but only for a few seconds.  She will get from point A to point B by scooting or rolling.
*Still just two teeth on the bottom
*Takes a bath in her big girl duck bath tub
*Can hold her own bottle
*Sleeping through the night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*Happy Happy Happy!
Green Bean Face!
First bite of finger food: Baby Mum Mums

Practicing sitting up in the Boppy...

But now can sit up all by herself! She can lay on her tummy and get herself up.
Holding her own bottle ~ Miss Independent!
Loves to swing!

No shortage of elephant jammies here...
Watching Grand-Daddy sing

More big girl toys - she loves to open and close the door

Duck Tub


In an effort to teach him how to spell his name and to cheer for his achievements, I made up a chant and Michael can't get enough of it...
Hard to believe my sweet boy will soon be 3 years old!  Mercy me, time goes by so fast.  When I think about how in just three short years he will be starting Kindergarten I can't breathe.  This time is so precious that we have to grow and mold him and I just need time to slow down.  I love this boy more and more each day and I didn't think it was possible to love him any more.  All you have to do is spend a couple minutes with Michael and he will steal your heart too. :)

The Latest and Greatest on Michael:
*can say the ABC's
*can count 1-20
*big new interest in jigsaw puzzles
*knows colors: red blue yellow orange green purple white black and brown
*singing tunes and jingles from radio/TV (Ex: KSBJ's radio jingle, Kipper's theme song)
*drawing smiley faces and in general is better at coloring and drawing
*knows shapes: triangle oval diamond
*Tells his full name: Michael Addison Richards
*Wants to say he is 5 instead of 2, despite all of our practicing...;/
*working on letter recognition
*not ready for potty training yet, but will occasionally tee tee in the potty (to get a jelly bean)
*Taking swim lessons, once a week through end of august - Wednesday evenings
*Sings songs all day...just blesses my soul to hear him walking around singing, "Jesus Loves the Little Children..."  His Grand-Daddy would love to sing with him!
*Throws a football and when he catches it does a dance...oh brother!
*He is quite the conversationalist, such a big boy.
*Very inquisitive...lots of, "Why Mommy?" or "Why not, Mommy?"
*Loves to run, make that fly, around the house as SUPER MICHAEL...cape and all
*Still obsessed with car garages and can add to that car washes
*Favorite Movie ~ PETER PAN...would watch it all day long if he was allowed.  He absolutely loves it...flying, swords, jumping on the bed, pirates, Indians, a dog, etc...  His attention span has amazed me from the beginning. He would (and still does) sit and listen to a story.  But the fact that he can sit and watch a movie just blows me a way.  He is also very interested in Mary Poppins these days too. 

Michael is still crazy in love with his baby sister ~ such a blessing!

Playing sweetly with sister
Michael, writing his "ABC's"

Michael's favorite part of the evening ~ BATH TIME
Michael's chalking of a smiley face :)

4th of July

What a great day we had celebrating our country's Independence.  Thankful to live in the U.S.A.  Our country is way off of it's moral compass, but I am still proud to be an American and proud of the values on which our country was founded.  We must pray without ceasing for our country.
Our day started with Michael and Adam going to the Friendswood 4th of July parade.  Ella and I stayed home to prepare for the rest of the day and for her to nap, but she only slept for a little bit ~ too much excitement! No pictures from the parade since I wasn't there to take them, boo. :(
We hosted the Richards Reunion this year and had a couple of friends/neighbors join us too as honorary Richards for the day, The Forester and Baker families.  Adam smoked a brisket & sausage and baked a peach cobbler from peaches off our peach tree ~ he's a keeper! I made a few patriotic desserts and everybody brought side dishes. I played a few patriotic tunes from my play list and we all had a grand time!  The kiddos were too pooped to stay up for fireworks...we'll make it next year.
My little firecrackers!
A little red, white and blue festive fun...


 All of The Richards Family....well almost, Ella Grace was sleeping (but not for long, too much partying going on !).
 Playing a hot game of "Ticket to Ride."  Sommer was the big winner!
 And as you can see, Michael was with Billy...that boy LOVES his cousin Billy!



Father's Day

We love Adam so much and are so thankful for the Daddy that he is!  He leads and loves our family well, under the leadership of the Lord.  Hope we made him feel extra special on Father's Day.
Not the greatest picture, but the only one we took on Father's Day of Adam with his babies.  Sadly, Michael was sick with strep throat. You can tell by the look on his face that he did not feel good at all and only lasted outside a few minutes. :( 
Adam had planned to go fishing with Michael, but had to take a rain check. I foresee that rain check being cashed in very soon!
Michael walking in Daddy's shoes!

Balloons picked out for Daddy by Michael

Masterpiece painting by Michael's hand (fish) and Ella's foot (fishing reel).

 German chocolate castle cake (icing mixed in)...his favorite cake made in his favorite pan.

Adam's main Father's Day gift...New whiskey Barrels for planting!  We'll all reap the benefits from what he grows.


Of course remembered my Daddy, as this was the first Father's Day without him.  Miss and love him so very much.